giovedì 9 giugno 2016

Bello, felice, divertente, vero [Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real]

Insieme con le signore di Like Mother Like Daughter:
Together with the ladies of Like Mother Like Daughter:

Bello: La pittura sul balcone... o almeno, i quadri erano belli! Uso Art Lab for Little Kids, da qualche anno fa per ispirazione...
Beautiful: Splatter painting on the balcony... or at least, the paintings were beautiful! I am using Art Lab for Little Kids that I got some years ago for inspiration...

Felice: Libri! Libri! E ancora i libri! Stanno arrivando i libri per l'estate e l'anno prossimo...
Happy: Books! Books! And more books! Our books for summer and next school year are arriving...

Divertente: I quadri che le bimbe hanno fatto settimana scorso, con la tema "La mia casa." Sempre dallo stesso libro...
Funny: The paintings the girls did last week, entitled "My home." A project from the same book as above...

Vero: Le girasole stanno crescendo più veloce delle pocche fagiolini che si sono spuntati, la lattuga va ancora (anche se adesso la uso più o meno solo per sfamare i girini!), e la calendula inizia di fiorire! 
True: The sunflowers are growing faster than the very few climbing beans that sprouted, the lettuce is tsill going (although I more or less am using it only to feed the tadpoles!), and the calendula is just beginning to flower!

Buona settimana!
Have a good week!

6 commenti:

  1. I love their pictures!! You look like you have such a fun time around your house. Have a great wee!

  2. The garden looks great, and that artwork is really good! I love seeing how children depict their homes. I enjoyed this!

    1. and the conversation around the project were interesting, too, what to include, what to leave out...

  3. That splatter painting looks so fun! My kids would love something like that - wonder if I can let them do it in their swimsuits outdoors so I can hose them off afterwards ;)

    1. yes, that would be great! in the end mine didnt make such a great mess, and the sheet was perfect, but there is no guarantee that all would be so neat!